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   IRAN TRAVELING CENTER Recommends:    A Few of Movie Theaters in Tehran:




Vahdat Hall:.

City Hall (Shahr theater )

in Main salon

Tel: 66460595

City Hall (Shahr theater)

in chaharsu salon

Tel: 66460595

City Hall (Shahr theater)

in Qashghaee Salon

Tel: 66460595

Talare Sayeh

Tel: 66460595

Performances Addresses
Easter ('Eid-e paak)
Director: Hasan Bastani. Playwright: August Strindberg. 100 min. 20,000 rls. The Hist Family lives in a university town in Sweden. The father of the family appropriated wealth and is spending time in jail. A creditor called Lindkvist is trying to get his money back.

No Hall, 19.45 hr.

City Theatre
Enqelab Ave, Valiasr Jct.

The Slow Sleep of Death (Khab-e ahesteh ba marg)
Director: Hasan Ma'juni. Playwright: Mohammad Charmshir. A different look at The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the question of good and evil.

Molavi Hall, 19 hrs.

Molavi Hall
Enqelab Ave, 16 Azar St

Ashes and the Sun (Khorshid o khakestar)
Aliasghar Rasekhrad. Playwright: Qodratollah Fathi. The blessed head of Imam Hussein is in the oven of Khuli's house. His wife learns about this.

Sangelaj Hall, 18:30 hr.

Sangelaj Hall

South of Park-e Shahr, Behesht Ave.


Good Morning, Mr. Minister (Sobh be kheil, aqa-ye vazir)
Director: Mohsen Ebrahimi. Playwright: Hamidreza Na'imi. Based on Jeffrey Archer's Clean Sweep Ignatius. Ticket price: 20,000 rls. Short take: The story of a person becoming a cabinet minister.

No Hall, 18 hr.

City Theatre
Enqelab Ave, Valiasr Jct.

Poems of the Queenless Ants (Manzumeh-ye mur-e bi malekeh)
Writer & Director: Naseh Kamkari. 20,000 rls.

Qashqai Hall, 17:30 hrs.

City Theatre
Enqelab Ave, Valiasr Jct.

Backyard (Hayat khalvat)
Playwright & Director: Chista Yathrebi. 75 min. 25,000 rls. Short take: A five act, dark comedy play focusing on social issues and human relations in today's Iran. Each act is somehow related to the other and all the events takes place in the interval between a hello and a goodbye, but once they leave something has taken place.

Sayeh Hall 18 hr.

City Theatre
Enqelab Ave, Valiasr Jct.

The Winter Light (Nur-e zemestani)
Playwright & Director: Saeed Shahpour. 60 min. 25,000 rls. Short take: Based on Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light, the play tells the story of a priest called Tomas whose faith is shaken by the love he bears for Maria when a man called Jonas comes to him with a problem.

Sayeh Hall, 20 hr.

City Theatre
Enqelab Ave, Valiasr Jct.


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