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Culinary Tours


Visiting Iran,a four season country, the cradle of poets and home to numerous ancient locations, hub of the great empires through thousands of years of history, land of arts, various climate, nature and ethnic from its north to south that have concluded in a diverse Culinary culture through out Iran.Iran culinary tour helps you discover, experience and taste of Iran’s various culinary delights.

Iran Culinary tour

Uncover a world of authentic, mouth-watering food adventures designed to suit any interest, taste, appetite and time frame.

Iran traveling center is an expert in designing tailor made tour packages for culinary, cultural and nomad tours. Our Culinary tour includes Various kind of dishes and delights that are appropriate to fulfill any tastes include vegetarians. There are endless unforgettable flavors to discover and enjoy on this custom-tailored tour through Iran and its remarkable culinary traditions.
Our tours provide you with the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful regions of the world while guiding you through the process of ingredients been processed, prepared, sold and finally cooked. you will also experience a hand on experience of making delicious gourmet foods. Our cooking classes are all in English and all of the equipment you need is provided for you. Your cooking vacation in Iran with Iran culinary tours means authenticity, fabulous food, and fun. Learn to make local recipes and the traditional dishes of Iran gastronomy such as  fesenjunkalampolo,  baghalaghatogh and Iranian special Aash during your amazing cooking classes.

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