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More  about Chack Chak  in the discussion forums here >>

The village of Chak Chak, also known as Pir-e Sabz, consists of a shrine perched beneath a towering cliff face in the desert of central Iran. It is the most sacred of the Zoroastrian mountain shrines. Located near the city of Ardakan in Yazd province, Chak Chak serves as a pilgrimage point for pious Zoroastrians. Each year from June 14-18 many thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries flock to the fire temple of Pir-e Sabz. Tradition has it that pilgrims are to stop the moment they see the sight of the temple and continue their journey on foot the rest of the way.
Chak Chak Iran Zoroastrians

Photos and Copyright: Zohreh Soleimani

Meaning drop-drop in Persian, Chak Chak is where Nikbanou, second daughter of the last pre-Islamic Persian ruler, the Sassanian Emperor Yazdegerd III of Persia, was cornered by the invading Arab army in 640 CE. Fearing capture Nikbanou prayed to Ahura Mazda to protect her from her enemies. In response to Nikbanou's pleadings, the mountain miraculously opened up and sheltered her from the invaders.
ZOROASTRIAN   Iran Chak Chak
Notable features of Chak Chak include the ever dripping spring located at the mountain. Legend has it that these drops are tears of grief that the mountain sheds in remembrance of Nikbanou. Growing beside the holy spring is an immense and ancient tree said to be Nikbanou's cane. Legend also has it that a petrified colorful cloth from Nikbanou was also visible in the rocks although pilgrims have since taken this.

Photos and Copyright: Zohreh Soleimani

The actual temple of Chak Chak is a man-made grotto sheltered by two large bronze doors. The shrine enclosure is floored with marble and its walls are darkened by fires kept eternally burning in the sanctuary. In the cliffs below the shrine are several roofed pavilions constructed to accommodate pilgrims.

Photos and Copyright: Zohreh Soleimani


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The Orientation and walking  tour in Yazd Itineraries - From $10.00 (yazd)

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General Information:


Bank and exchange office:

Bank Tejarat , Yazd Br.
Qiam Street.
Tel: 0351-6220985, 622097
Fax: 0351-6223008
Tlx.: 312106 TJYAIR


Main post office:

Post office near Imam khomeini street. But the main post building for international shipments is in Ghasem abad street.


Internet & Phone:

There are a couple main international long distance telephone offices in Motahari and Taleghani streets.

Internet cafes are more widespread and almost in any major street you would find at least a  couple. Check the ones along the Imam khomeii or shahid rajai street. it is always good to ask people, since the internet cafes change location once in a while.

Travel agency:

Iran air office:

Yazd - Motahari St. next to Nikpour clinic - No.4

Sales office Tel:

0351 6222080 , 6222179 , 6221700

Management Office Tel:

0351 6220348

Airport Tel:

0351 7217881 , 7218085


You should try Maleko Tojar restaurant close to Panjeali Bazar. It is a real good one.


the other one is Hamamekhan restaurant in the Khan bazar square in old town.

In Masjed jame street there is another good restaurant called Silk road. A good and complete meal might cost you 3 to 5$. 10% tip is enough.


Getting There and Away:

There are  a couple flight daily to Tehran and  perhaps one or two to Mashhad and that is about it. You wont find flights from here to Shiraz, Isfahan...etc.



Main bus station is located in RahAhan street. There you can find departures to main cities in Iran . Tickets might cost you 2 to 8 $ based on the destination and distance.



train station is located close to bus terminal. There are nightly departures from Yazd to Tehran around 22.00 pm . departures from Tehran to yazd is earlier during afternoon between 18.00 and  21.00.

You also can catch a train from yazd to Kerman or Bandare abbas too. Departures are usually duing the night. Tickets are cheap , somewhere around 1 to 3 $ based on the route.



 ::   Yazd
:: Safaieh 4 star
:: Moshir Garden 4 star
:: Laleh 4 star
:: Tourist inn 3 star
:: Azadi 3 star
:: Tehrani 3 star
:: Caravanserai  3 star
:: Mehr traditional house 3 star
:: Malek o Tojar 3 star
:: Nabavi hotel 2 star
:: Kohan hotel 2 star
:: Silk road 2 star
:: Amir Chakhmagh guesthouse
:: Aria guesthouse
:: Beheshti guesthouse
:: Atlas 2 star
:: Shirakooh 3 star (Taft)
:: Tourist inn 1 star (Naeen)
:: Pooya 3 star (Abarkooh)




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