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Appetizers in Iran

Iranian Appetizers

Appetizers Traditionally when a meal was served in Iran, the table was set, every dish was placed on the table and then everybody would start eating. Even the Halva at times would be placed on the table from the beginning, although in some households it would be served at the end...
Sohan Asali

Iranian Sweets

The oldest sweet food in Iran that dates back to Achaemenian is Halva, which is mostly consumed as a dessert currently in Iran. Other than Halva, sweets breads were the main sweets in old times. Generally said, sweets in Iran have not be modernized. You can still taste the...
Indian colored spices

Spices in Iranian cuisine

  Spices Spices are necessary for Iranian foods as it can be guessed.  Beside spices, dried herbs, roots, roob  is also used for adding taste. Spices in Iranian cuisine have a wide variety. Some spices that are commonly used currently are Indian spices that have entered...